Keeping a Low Profile

J.D. Salinger turns 90 on Thursday. His last new work appeared more than 40 years ago and he stopped giving interviews in the '70s, reports the New York Times. Speculation abounds as to what he's been up to: "He hasn’t written a word. Or he writes all the time and, like Gogol at the end of his life, burns the manuscripts. Or he has volumes and volumes just waiting to be published posthumously." Sure, those are all possibilities. But what if—I mean, just what if…. OK, here's what I'm saying: For him—like me—there are just less than six months to Coeur d'Alene. Could Salinger be in training? Bustin' his boney New Englander behind to shock the world at CDA? Whether he is or isn't, he probably did more than I did today. You could say I kept a low profile. Niko and I walked around for an hour and a half, taking a survey of the remaining snow. Tabor yielded one nice big patch that awed the lad. And he did stomp on every other pile he found, measly though they were. Back home, the plan was to get on the bike for a while, but then the computer for the Computrainer arrived, and so did The Complete Calvin and Hobbes, three huge volumes. So we played around getting the computer working—tomorrow we'll build the Computrainer and hook the contraption together—and cackled at the kid and the tiger. Watterson: A bit of a recluse, like Salinger—and rumor has it he's got a very strong run.

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