On Making It a Good Year

I alluded a day or two ago to my first triathlon—Millerton Lake in 2002. It feels like a century ago now. Everything has changed. My job, my home. And, yeah, the big thing in my life that I never even bothered worrying about because it was so stone-cold certain. It, uh, changed. It's gone, so gone (even as, in a place in my mind, I insist on believing it will return). But enough of that bullshit.

The lad, he grows up. Man, does he ever. It was great fun tonight stopping by the New Year's party across the street with him. He was beautiful, long blond hair brushed back, sharp in his khakis, blue shirt buttoned all the way up (it's his way) and gray suit vest…. It occurred to me, when my mind wandered from my dazzling son, that it is good to be among people and especially good to be among neighbors. In 2009, I'll do better on both counts. And honestly, if I can pull that off, while keeping this Ironman Coeur d'Alene training on course, and keeping the bosses happy, and being a good mentor to Anna, and loving the family and the strangers too … well, it will be a fine year indeed.

Not being a leaping sort, there are 365 days scheduled for the year 2009. June 21 will be but one of those days. And on that day the sun will come up, move across the sky and set. Things will happen that day: babies born (or conceived), soldiers lost (please, no), Wall Street titans knocked off their pedestals (if we're lucky). It is important for me, and helpful, to remember all of that. Yes, I'm on a journey, traveling Six Months to Coeur d'Alene, but that's not the only destination or stop on the way, and I'm not the only one aboard. Godspeed to all of us, godspeed.

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