Stuck in Hermiston

It’s Christmas Eve and Santa, the one who wears brown not red, didn’t arrive with the computer I’m waiting for to set up my Computrainer. So I’ll ride on Christmas Day—heck, yeah, I’ll ride on Christmas!—on the boring old trainer. Oh, well. That’s what I did this morning, for an hour. I’ve been doing a mix of interval-type rides and good steady rides, and today it was the latter. I worked my heart rate up to 120 in about 10 minutes, then did the rest of the workout around 130 to 135. Usually I’m in the basement but with nobody else in the house this morning I moved my operation up to the living room and watched morning TV. What crap. It barely qualifies as a distraction. Nevertheless, I got in a halfway decent workout on a day when it would have been easy to take a pass, and that will just have to suffice until I get the Computrainer online. UPS tracking says the package is in Hermiston, on the east side of the Gorge, which has been slammed with winter weather for more than a week. Some poor trucker is probably stuck in Hood River or The Dalles in three feet of snow, worried sick that I’m having to go without my Computrainer for a few more days. Rest easy, fella; I’ll be all right for a little while longer. (But Friday, right? You will be here Friday, won't you?)

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  1. Hey, I'd love to hear an interview with that conscientious Computrainer trucker. Hermiston's a pretty good haul, though.

    Speaking of which, our neighbors' daughter traveled home from Walla Walla to the Bay Area this week. Leg 1 of the trip was an eight-hour drive from Walla Walla to Portland during which she had to repair her tire chains twice. Tough kid.

    Like the new blog. Very purposeful.