That was tantalizing but ultimately frustrating. Or maybe the other way around.

I got the Computrainer set up, finally, and off I went … only to have the computer crash. Again and again. Windows was having a problem that it reduced to this: ialmrnt5. Uh, right. Using another computer, we investigated and found that probably means that we've got a driver issue. Joy.

I did ride for 20 minute or so to calibrate the tension of the trainer against the tire. And I did manage to do one 3-mile race. That was the tantalizing part. Compared to spinning away while straining to hear Countdown or Sportscenter over the trainer and fan noise, this is great stuff. My race buddy and I came to a hill and holy cow, suddenly it was much harder to pedal. I had to downshift, then get out of the saddle. As I was figuring all this out, Race Buddy got ahead of me, but I ratcheted up my cadence, pulled him back and beat him to the line. Then the computer went black, then blue. "Physical memory dump …"

More research just now suggests a couple of painless possible solutions. If those fail, then I'll have to dig deeper into the driver issue, a task ever so close—but not quite—to being too far removed from triathlon to be worth doing. I just want to ride.

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