No Rest

Early wakeup call tomorrow; the plan is to ride before Niko rises, and it's almost 11 already. Yikes. So real quickly: Great ride this morning. Did a rolling course and worked hard to keep my speed up through the ups and downs. It was 90 minutes of riding, which may not sound like much, but on the Computrainer, every second you are working. No traffic lights. No stopping for someone to pick up a lost water bottle. No aimless spinning. No coasting down the grades. And I'll tell you, I'm stunned at the difference in my condition as a result of three weeks with this silly machine. I feel strong, very strong, and am really excited about the coming weeks and months.

Later, Niko and I walked in the sunshine and cold breezes around the Willamette, crossing the Steel and Hawthorne bridges.

(Tomorrow: The early ride, then a visit to the pool for the first time in five months. Yow!)

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