Out on my run today, I realized I am now more than one month into the six months to Coeur d'Alene. Less than five months to go! On came the voices of doom that lurk in my subconscious. Or something....

Holy anaerobic threshold, Batman, we're running out of time!

Like a kite cut from the string, lightly the soul of my youth has taken flight.

That's beautiful, Batman. A quote?

The Japanese poet Takuboku. He knew something of the passing of the sands through life's hourglass, Robin: tragically, he perished at 26.

So he never did Ironman?

No, Robin. Never did he know the glory.

Honestly, though, I feel good about the month. I set up the Computrainer and rode the bike a lot, averaging five or six days a week. I began running again in the past 10 days and am starting to believe my Achilles injury won't sideline me (though I literally still have occasional nightmares about it). And I started swimming, well over a month earlier than last year. But more than all that, I'm enjoying this early season. True, it ain't always easy to get the workouts going. But once under way, I love as much as ever the physical and mental engagement that triathlon brings. And I'm looking forward to more weekends like the one that's ending now (but with the volumne cranked up x2 or 3, woo-hoo):
  • Two long walks (10 miles total)
  • 63 miles on the bike (47 with hills and a steady 16)
  • 9.5 miles of running (a standalone 6 and a 3.5 after the long ride)
  • A 1,500-yard workout in the pool (13x1000), plus drills

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