AE Had a Way with Them; I Don't

One time in the six months to Coeur d'Alene my goggles strap broke, as I was putting them on, right on the pool deck. I did not have a backup pair on hand.

Another time a swimmer in another lane somehow clobbered me in the head, knocking off my goggles. I rescued them.

Twice I began driving to the pool only to realize I didn’t have my goggles.

Three times I left them in the locker room. Once I got them out of the box of found goggles they keep behind the desk.

One time I was getting ready to go to the pool—this was just last week, actually—and I couldn't find either of the two pairs of goggles I knew I had. I searched high and low and finally found a third pair that I had no idea I had. I wore these goggles for a swim at the pool and quite liked them. So I wore them at the Hagg Lake Open Water Swim. They were great. Really comfortable. They kept a perfect seal despite not feeling tight. They didn't fog at all. Great goggles! Somehow, I lost them. I know I had them while waiting in line for 20 minutes for the post-race burger, because the guy in front me dropped his goggles without realizing it, and right after I handed them to him I checked my bag to make sure I hadn't lost mine. I hadn't. Yet.

Buying another pair—because I was down to one pair, although the previous paragraph suggests others might be floating around—was as mind-numbing as usual. The goggles I loved but lost were TYR but I had no idea what model and all the big goggle makers have a blizzard of models with stupid names. (There are three or four basic formats, but a million stupid-name models.) I searched for the TYR pair that looked like the beloved lost ones, but couldn't find them. I bought two pair of Speedo goggles because they were on sale.

I wore the new goggles today, swimming for 55 minutes, 2750 yards, mainly 100-yard efforts trying to stay between 1:40 and 1:45, resting for 30 seconds. It was a good swim. The goggles were fine. They're in my swim bag. I hope.

Also today: An hour on the bike, still spinning at a good cadence but going with a slightly bigger gear for a little more intense workout. Twenty miles. Peroneal problem (PP) feeling better.

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