Mysteries of the Taper

That was weird. I did a moderate brick today, something appropriate for 12 days before race day: 40 pretty-flat miles on the bike in 2:03, then a four-mile run in 30:48. It was good. I was a little sluggish at the start of the ride, my first time out on the road in a week, but felt strong once I was loosened up. I ran faster than I should have, going way under race pace, but couldn't resist and anyway, it was only four miles. I ate some food right afterward, took a shower… and crashed. Crashed hard.

I fell asleep for about 20 minutes then could hardly get up off the bed. I was so tired. I did get up, though, and managed to catch up on some email despite feeling kind of foggy. Three hours later, I still feel like I went a lot harder or farther or in hotter weather than was actually the case. (I did do the workout midafternoon, whereas most of my workouts during the Six Months have been in the cool of morning or on plain old cold days. Temp was 75, humidity on the high side at 50 percent.)

Who knows? I'll be curious to see how I feel tomorrow. This is the time of race run-up when one does become overly sensitive about variations in energy levels....

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