Why is blogger making my race number jpeg so small? Oh, well, click on it and it's almost legible.

Yeah, the Ironman folks put out the race numbers today, unleashing a burst of excitement among the tribe. I'll confess, irrational as it is, I felt it too. (On June 21, you can follow racer No. 1615 online at beginning at 7 a.m. PDT. I'll be out there all day, so feel free to check in intermittently, between mowing the lawn and watching the U.S. Open.)

Onward: Whatever was going on yesterday passed. Felt fine a day later. Actually, my legs felt rather peppy. Yeterday's 40 + 4 seemed to rock me back into gettin' after it mode. Oh, and the ankle is better than ever. Gel-Cumulus doing the job? I'm going with them on race day. As far as workouts today, it was all pool action. Swam very hard doing more of those 200-150-100-50 sets. Four of those, then 4x500, adding up to 4000 yards.

Random swim thought: Yeah, it's stupid that I didn't do more to get faster in the pool this year, but at least I did enough more to become absolutely confident that the swim poses no danger at all. That's a big change from last year, my friends.

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