CDA in Sight

We're under the three-week mark to CDA now. All the deposits into the Bank of Ironman have been made. The hay? In the barn. (The comments section is now open; post your favorite aphorism that means, basically, if the big miles haven't been put in by now, forget it, there's no point.)

Still, that doesn't mean the coming 19 days are meaningless. For one thing, the sentiments in the first paragraph of this post actually do not apply to one-third of the triathlon disciplines. Indeed, when it comes to swimming, there's no doubt that over the next couple of weeks I can and should do tons of swimming, as much swimming as I can stand, and that will make me better, stronger and faster come June 21.

But when it comes to the biking and running, it is henceforth all about finding the fine line that allows the body to rest and the hard work of the past five months to be absorbed without losing the mojo, the edge. Because of my PP (peroneal problem; see last Friday's post), the running will be shaved back more than I'd like, but who knows, what I like would probably be too much. So maybe this is a good thing. On the bike, I'll probably do a couple of rides in the 40-70 mile range next week, with a few bouts of intensity, but otherwise will be backing off big-time this week and the week directly preceding the race. (Today was a good example: An hour of intense but easier-gear spinning, 18 miles. I might do the same thing tomorrow, plus a swim.)

Hard to believe it's all zoomed ahead to this point. One-hundred and sixty-three days by in a flash. I'm tempted to launch into a list of training regrets. Then again, fuck that.

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