T-Minus 5 Days

Dragged The Lad to the pool for a 30-minute swim. Did another 30 minutes on the trainer. Checked weather forecasts: though I know it's virtually meaningless this far out, it does seem certain we will be racing in cool conditions. Might be some thunderstorms, might not. But again, the only forecast I'll put much faith in is the one I read Saturday evening. Oh, River City Bicycles called. They had been so matter-of-fact about having my aerobars replaced by Wednesday. Now it's uncertain. I'm not upset with them. They're working hard to please me, and they did tell me the warranty will cover the replacement cost. But it looks like I may be riding on Gorilla Glued bars. Oh, well. I trained for thousands of miles on 'em.


  1. Oh it is getting SO close!!! Get 'er dun!

  2. Thanks, Steven! Heading out tomorrow early. Race time!