Return to Run

The Gel-Cumulus pair with the least wear showing got a workout today. A little one. Five miles at a 9:05 pace, average heart rate 123.

What a world of difference, wearing thick-cushioned shoes after months in the spare trail racers. The ride was ridiculously plush, like I was floating along. It was a little weird, actually. I’d draw (with some trepidation, but what the hell) an analogy to being high. You know: a strange but pleasant disconnection from reality. Euphoria, but with the lurking suspicion of unsustainability.

Of course, there was more going on than a change in shoes. After nine days without a run, no doubt the hormones unleashed had the brain spinning furiously in search of an explanation. But after three or four miles all began to feel familiar and quite right and I believe I could have rolled on for several hours. The ankle? A little achey, but not bad. I don’t think it’s going to be much of an issue on June 21. I iced it afterward and dissected the run, thinking a lot about the pace. So slow! And yet (need I say it again?) if I run 9:05 miles at CDA, I will come in under four hours on the marathon. Last year at CDA, only 302 of 1942 finishers ran the marathon under four hours. My pace was fine.

Later: 2500 at the pool. Four sets going 200-150-100-50, then 5x100. Six swims in the past eight days. Looking to keep that up right into CDA, because I can really feel a difference.

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