Off the Run

Rest might be the hardest thing for your average psycho iron-distance triathlete to accept. Yet rest is often the best prescription when illness, injury or even ennui crop up. I haven't run in six days. That's a scary thought, given that Ironman Coeur d'Alene is just 17 days away. In weaker moments, I worry my running fitness is leaking away, my Coeur d'Alene prospects with it. But mostly I know that all the miles put in over the years, the 10Ks, marathons, triathlons and ultras, and the countless training runs that prepped me for them ... all of that gives me some protection against losing fitness too fast. Meanwhile, my ankle continues to improve, feeling better every day, so I know the rest is doing its job. I'll test things out in three or four days and the hope (and expectation) is to be able to do maybe four runs, including at least one in double-figure miles, in the eight days before the race. Plenty of time to get the rhythm back. I'll be ready.

Today: A smooth 20 (1:10) on the bike, plus 3000 in the pool, broken up into 2x500, 10x100 and 2x500. In four days this week, I've been on the bike four times for 4:15 and in the pool three times for 2:45. A very nice recovery week so far.

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