Shoe Excavation

As reported yesterday, after months of fine service from my New Balance 790s I'm thinking of ditching them for more luxuriously cushioned running shoes at CDA. Specifically, I'm thinking of going back to my old Asics Gel-Cumulus road warriors. Not only are these shoes familiar to me, but I know I have a pair or two lying around the house. Maybe there might be one that isn't too worn out?

I got down on my hands and knees and pushed aside the bed skirt. As I peered into this netherworld, I exhaled, sending dust bunnies scurrying away. Various seldom-used dress shoes were along the edges but I could see vague running-shoe shapes lurking behind them. I created a line of vision and shone my headlamp: Good Lord, I thought. There are tons of shoes! I excavated everything—you can see them all above in the collage The Lad put together. I might have brought a couple of pairs to Portland when we moved here two years ago, but the rest of them were accumulated since then.

One of these pairs of shoes will join me for the 26 miles and 285 yards that finish off IMCDA. Which will it be?

Today: An hour of easy spinning at dawn, then, later, 2000 yards in the pool, 19:15 for the first 1000, 18:59 for the second, just nice and easy.

The 11-hour week that was:
5 swims
11,250 yards
4 hours

7 bikes
132 miles
7 hours


  1. Wow - it's like your shoes were breeding under there! Good luck narrowing the field down.

  2. I like the pic. Good job, Niko.

    Amazing how one accumulates shoes. I found ones in my closet while packing last weekend that I never remember seeing. Kinda fun!