That run to finish off the Blue Lake race yesterday left me a little sore, so it was nice to have nothing on the schedule today. The Lad (now released from the shackles of the school year) and I did walk to the bank, about three miles roundtrip, which loosened me up a bit. I stretched, too, but that was it on the athletic front.

My bike is at River City getting cleaned up and dialed, and finally the busted aerobar extender is being replaced. I Gorilla Glued and taped it for Blue Lake and it held solid but I don't want to be thinking about the possibility of it coming loose during CDA.

The plan is to leave for Idaho on Thursday morning, so I have this feeling I ought to start getting my gear together. Except, what really is there to get together? Last year I brought everything you could possibly imagine and needed about a third of the stuff. I mean, I did a race yesterday and spent about 20 minutes getting ready for it. OK, it was just an oly, but what more do you really need for an Ironman? An extra packet or two of Accelerade? Three more gels? People lose perspective. I think the waiting gets to them. The big workouts are done and they want to do something that points them toward a strong race. The waiting: Hell, it gets to me, too. I'm excited, and kind of nervous and twitchy. But there's also a calm internal voice whispering to me, "It's swimming, bike and running, nothing you haven't done before."


  1. You're right on. Getting too worked up at this point doesn't do you any good. Just enjoy the excitement.

    (But packing a few extra gels is probably a good idea ... )

  2. Now Western States, you'll need to do some seriously thoughtful planning for that! I bet you've already got it scoped out...