It could be I merely need somebody to throw an HTFU at me. Then again, maybe I ought to just wait until June to ride outside. Or at least not jump on the bike so early in the morning.

I planned on riding four hours today but cut things slightly short – to 3:16, during which I covered 58.7 miles, an average speed of 18 miles per hour. That's decent riding and I think I would have been stronger if it weren't for the aggravation and discomfort of cold, numb toes. This is a problem I've always battled. Obviously, cold weather is the chief issue. But I'm really set up for problems when I wake up in a chilly house and get on the bike before my feet have warmed up and my circulation has gotten going. All things being equal, afternoon rides go better. So why not just wait and ride in the afternoon? Easy: I'm afraid I won't do the workout. Things might happen. A movie, some chores, noodling on the computer—and suddenly it's 3 p.m. and that big ride is sliding toward oblivion. So on the weekends, I always tackle workouts early. Plus, then I get the rest of the day to laze around and eat, all the while feeling virtuous. And that's triathlete psychology on display.

Meanwhile, yes, I've ordered some of those toe warmers.

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