What Is this, a Food Blog?

I don't subscribe to a particular diet, though I did once make a go at the paleo thing. It still makes a lot of sense to me, except for the part about beans. That just wouldn't fly around here, where we make a bowl of hummus probably once a week, and it doesn't stick around for long. Triathlon guru and paleo booster Joe Friel frowns at chickpeas, as he does all legumes; after all, paleo man ate what he could find. But just because our millennia-ago antecedents weren't smart enough to cultivate chickpeas doesn't mean they aren't healthy. (And tahini, lemon juice, garlic and olive oil surely are.) We're talking low glycemic index, decent protein and fiber to spare. Plus, the way we transport the hummus from the bowl to our mouths surely makes this dish a winner: we scoop it up with chopped raw bell peppers, diced cucumbers and baby carrots. That's what I enjoyed today, after a mean 90 minutes on the bike with a whole bunch of one-minute, 375-watt intervals.

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