I missed my window of opportunity to swim—a swim was what the plan called for—so I opted for a run. That’s when I realized that those 30-second sprints yesterday had brutalized my hamstrings. But I didn’t mind. It was nice, after a day cooped up, to just shuffle along in the late-afternoon fresh air. By the end, I felt a good deal better than when I started. Plus, going as slowly as I did—seriously, we’re talking 11-minute miles here—had a side benefit: All sorts of stuff that I had never noticed on my regular laps around Normandale Park jumped out at me. Like, man, there is tons of dog shit littering the grounds. I guess that’s not a surprise; the park has a fenced area for dogs to romp around, and it's very popular. Seems that on their way to and from that area, doggie things happen. Sure wish their owners would be decent about scooping up these offerings. Another thing I noticed is that right across the street from the park on the south side is Oregon Catholic Press, which supplies missal programs to two-thirds of the parishes in the United States, and does a whole lot of other publishing, too. And next door to the OCP is Inifinity Images, which does “digital graphics and fixturing solutions”—you know, things like big displays for conventions and stores and stuff. Never knew this stuff was right in my 'hood.

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