Making Plans

Dull ride in the predawn hours this morning. Not much to say about it. Around 20 miles, in a bit over an hour. Got it done. I did notice afterward that my thighs are beginning to look a little different. Definition, and some bulk. Less like a runner's, more like a cyclist's. Maybe. I don't know. One doesn't want to spend too much time ogling oneself, does one?

Feeling a little stale. I think I need a race or three. Maybe the Red Lizard 5 Miler this weekend. And the Race for the Roses Half Marathon on April 5. I'll do those, plus the Hagg Lake Swim the Geckos put on at the end of May, and maybe the Blue Lake oly the week before CDA, just to get in tri racing mode. All those should provide inspiration and excitement during these six months to Coeur d'Alene, without knocking the training off course. Not the way Boston did last year! But I'll tell you, there was an article in the new Running Times about how to train for Boston and boy did that leave me wishing I was headed for Beantown again this year. I love that race. What a day that was.

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