A Man, A Plan, A Triathlon

My printer is now out of ink. That’s what happens after you spend $145 for a 20-week Ironman “Experienced” Training Plan from Ironguides. Well what the hell, so what if you have to blow through a barrel of ink to print out a 70-page PDF? Word is it’s a good plan. I’m going to study it after I finish this post, but I did glance at this week’s schedule long enough to realize I needed to get my ass to the pool for a swim today.

I did 4x100 to warm up. Then 16x25 with the first three of four 25s easy and the last one all out, and with the 16x25 followed by a hard 200. And I did that whole 16x25 + 200 set twice. Then I did 4x100 to cool down. Maybe I was just feeling inspired by having a program, but holy hip flexor, that was a good swim. Last swim I was having a hard time managing 4:00 for a 200. Today, I had no problem doing 3:40s for 200. But that wasn’t the most exciting part. Better was that the entire workout of 2000 yards went by in a flash as, instead of just jumping in and swimming mindlessly and endlessly, I did sets. And not only were they sets, but they were varied, and they included easy swimming, and for those portions I actually swam as easy as I possibly could. I swam easy and it seems to have made me faster. Weird.

Tomorrow the plan tells me to do a bike ride. I will follow the plan.

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