Hangin' with the Kid

This is a light week, a Niko week (every other week). He's a little shy of 100 percent with the slightest touch of a cold, so we're taking it pretty easy. While he fiddled around with HTML on the Mac today, I rode for an hour on the trainer, using the Continental Hometrainer Tire for the first time. Only took me about six weeks to put that on. It made a difference. The tension against the tire was cranked down a bit yet I was still getting better traction than before. Quieter, too. Good stuff.

We also walked a mile or two on the riverfront in Lake Oswego, where we had gone to sign me up for tomorrow's race. Sign-up accomplished, as well as check-in, so it should be a comfortable morning getting there for the 10 a.m. start. Rain in the forecast. Five miles, hard, in the rain. The little guy waiting for me under a big umbrella when I'm done. Breakfast at the New Deal afterward. That's the plan.


  1. I have used the home trainer for two years now and it works great. After many, many miles on the trainer it shows very little wear. It is also nice to no longer have black tire dust to deal with as a result of trainer rides.

  2. Cool, Al. I'm glad I finally put that thing on!