Virtual Win

What a ridiculous day. First I notice a bogus $200 debit-card charge on my BofA account, and it takes an hour to straighten that out, but of course it's not really straightened out, it's just part of a long process that includes canceling the card and reissuing a new one that won't arrive for several days. Then I go to the washing machine to move a load to the dryer and, whoa, the thing is full of water. Long story short, it ain't working. Nothing agitating, except me. But the sun came out in huge fashion and Niko and I enjoyed our walk over to Laurelhurst Park to look at the ducks and gulls swimming in the electric green pond and the people standing in front of the DO NOT FEED THE DUCKS sign throwing bread to the ducks. Later, I got on the bike and raced against Pacer Guy. We were riding a homemade 5.22-mile loop that had a long, mellow grade for the first four miles, then a decline to the finish. PG was set at 200 watts and the first two loops I got out in front by a bit on the climb and then hung on to beat him (he's terrific on the descents). Then I guess I had some anger or something to work out, because I proceeded to toy with PG. I drafted off him for 4.9 miles. There he was, working at 200 watts and I was staying right on his ass at 130-150. Ha. Sap. Then as we neared the finish I stood up in my biggest gear and raced away like he was standing still. The fourth and final loop I just hammered it from start to finish. Averaged 255 watts and 22.1 miles per hour. PG was a minute arrears. I was wiped out, but flush with victory had a nice quiet, uneventful evening, eating spinach pie and roasted bell peppers and watching 60 Minutes and The Simpsons with the boy.

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