Morning Woes

Coffee. Coffee, coffee, coffee.

That's what was on my brain this morning as I did my bike ride. Or, more accurately, as I attempted to do my bike ride. It was a pathetic display. It took my nearly a half hour to crank it up to 20 mph. Blah.

So I'm thinking I may need to get up even earlier (like, 5 instead of 5:40) in order to have some coffee before the bike. You'll recall, dedicated reader that you are, that I eschew the brew because one cup leads to another and I end up sitting around reading the paper, listening to NPR, getting an early start on work, evacuating my bowels—everything except what I got up early to do: Ride the bike.

But riding first thing in the morning, when it's still dark outside, without the benefit of caffeine, sucks, especially if intervals are on the agenda. This morning the full-session workout required 20 power intervals—one minute all-out with huge resistance, 40-50 rpm, followed by a minute of easy recovery. But it took me so long to get warmed up, I had time to do just 10. Which is OK, because I'm only on Week 2 and have time to work up to the full session. But still.

Tomorrow: Back in the pool.

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