87 Down, 95 to Go

You wanna know how it went? I overslept and had to trim my ride to 20 miles when 40 was on the plan. Then the swim got waylaid by work. (You see, there’s this window of opportunity just after the lunch hour when I can get to the pool, swim and make it back home without missing a work beat. That window closes and everything goes to hell—too few lanes at the pool, freeway traffic, blah, blah, blah. Then the run ... oh, I don’t even want to get into it. It just all fell apart. It all sucked. And isn’t it funny, in an utterly not funny way, that characteristically I responded to this grand unraveling by wandering to the kitchen and snacking every 45 minutes, from the moment I got off the bike to the moment the workday ended? Thus, I was able to transform my day of ineffective training into a complete disaster. And that, friends, is called gettin’ it done.

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