One More?

I had vowed that Coeur d’Alene this year would be my last official Ironman, that henceforth any iron-distance racing would be in lower-profile, lower-key and lower-cost races. But on May 1, 2010, there will be an Ironman in St. George, Utah. St. George, Utah! I love that part of the world, pine for it. I yearn for it. (Do you ever yearn?) When I lived in Riverside, St. George was just five or six hours away, over the Cajon Pass, through the Mojave, on by Vegas and into the red-rock country of southern Utah. Zion, Bryce, wacky Pah Tempe Hot Springs (now closed) on the Virgin River ... powerful memories. Should I do it? Tough, tough call. What I’m most apprehensive about, actually, is that the race is so early in the year. For a May 1 Ironman, your big training has to be in the books by early April. That means February and March are the long-ride months. I like the trainer fine, but six-hour trainer rides every weekend? Mercy.

Maybe by the time I wake up tomorrow morning the race will be sold out. Let’s hope so. Otherwise, I’m liable to sign up for the damn thing.

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