That Thing Again

So I was into the middle of page 8 on the Word doc I was working up tonight's post on when I woke up. Seven and a half pages of the letter d. Sleeping like a blog indeed. But seriously, wow, talk about torpor. It was like being on a long lonely drive, late at night, and coming to that point where sleep is never more delicious. Just want to close my eyes…. It's that damn thing again about wanting what you can't have and what you can't have becoming more attractive by its unattainability. But sleep—the sleep I need to feel better, recover better, think better, etc.—is right there. I just need to wrap up this post, brush and floss, and climb into bed. But can I take a mere moment to say I swam 2000 today, in the manner of the old days, just jumping in and swimming lap after lap nonstop? And in the evening, with my legs a bit sore from yesterday's race, walked four miles? There.

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