Getting a Jump on the Day

Like any sane person I hate the early-morning workout. Until it's done. Then it's the best god-damned thing in the world. There's nothing like being all showered and shaved and sitting down to a fine fresh cup of coffee in the sunroom at 7:30 a.m. with a workout in the books. That's what I tell myself when NPR cozies up to me at 5 a.m. with the headlines. I tell myself, "Do it for that precious moment at 7:30, Pete. With the coffee. You know what I'm talking about." By the way—and this morning I told this to my friend Dan, who works for the public radio operation in the Bay Area, and it pains me to repeat it—but it might be time for Carl Kasell to hang it up. There's just something too unsettling about an old guy (Carl turns 75 on Thursday this week) flubbing up the newscast. An old guy doesn't glide through an error; he becomes engulfed by confusion and desperation. Listeners pick up on this. I do, and it degrades my morning. Why do I want to keep listening to a broadcast that is painful? Sure, if I were a better person I'd embrace Carl's age-encouraged imperfection, but I'm not, there you go. I say give us Shay Stevens in the morning. That's a voice a guy can get up to.

Now, the workout: 25 miles on the bike in the morning, a nice steady climb, nothing too taxing, a good sweat, done. Then later in the day, it was to the pool I went. First I did 10x100, with each 100 coming in around 1:40 and the next one starting on the 2:15. Yes, that's a lot of rest. Then I swam a straight 1000, followed by a couple of hundred yards to cool down.

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