Bogged Down

Just this evening, in the last hour or so, I feel like I'm beginning to emerge from the giant pit of quicksand I stepped into a couple of days ago. What a strange episode. I haven't been sick, or at least, not sick in any way I've known before. No sore throat, congestion, stomach issues … none of that. I've just been bone tired, sleepy and a little weirdly jittery from time to time. I perked up a bit in the fresh air when Niko and I walked down to the neighborhood megamart, and was functional when I needed to be, though looking back the workday is a blur. Of course there were no workouts and there may not be any tomorrow. We'll see; as I said, there are hints, at least, that I'm getting back on firm ground. I'll take it day by day, get more sleep, and if there's any doubt, err on the side of rest.

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