My Tri Theory

Are you struggling to get it done, get the workouts in, keep up with what's supposed to take you from where you are to Coeur d'Alene? (Really, it's not that far.) Well as a veteran of one whole Ironman but a hell of a lot of other races, including some pretty long ones, let me suggest that doing something is always better than doing nothing. Unless you're sick. Then doing nothing is OK. But day to day? Yeah, there's a plan you bought, or found on the Internet, or got from a certified coach or a guy on the corner in a De Soto wetsuit, wearing a Cervelo cap, who gave it to you in exchange for a cigarette. Whatever, man. When you're gunning for a Kona slot, your plan is going to matter. But right now? Just go do a workout. Find a crack in your schedule, a teeny-tiny little gap, and do a run (shit, I don't care what "Z" it's in, just run). Splash haplessly in the pool. Pedal aimlessly for 60 or 90 minutes. Do one or two of these workouts every day.

There, that's how I'm saying you get it done. Because if you want to do it—it being the IMCDA, and the fact that you're blogging about it suggests that it's pretty damn important that you do do it—then get to it. Get to it. Stop thinking about the perfect workout and work out.

Me? I did another 2000 at the Dish today (10x100, 10x50, 20x25), then a fun hour on the bike with some super-high-RPM (like, 110) intervals. Good stuff, good work, keeping it going, getting things done.

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