A Spring Break Day

Took the day off from work today, so I had to go big, with two workouts. That is, two movies with the Lad on Spring Break. Started off with 90 minutes of Monsters vs. Aliens, and even though it was 3D and there were explosions, wreckage and mayhem, this movie did not elevate my heart rate. Niko seemed pretty calm, too, as did most of the kids in the theater. (It was a competently done movie, no real complaints, but it seemed kind of paint-by-numbers and emotionally distant. Our Oregonian reviewer who (quite reasonably) hates everything mainstream gave it a B+, a rave by his standards, but it was nowhere near in the same league as recent animated greats like Wall-E or Ratatouille.) Later, we took on Madagascar 2. I might have gotten to Z2 here; it had more fun than Monsters vs. Aliens, which wanted to have fun but didn't. Niko, meanwhile, was in an uproar frequently, especially at the plane scenes. Those wacky penguins. In between the movies, there was some yard work—finally pruned the roses and cleaned up some plants that never got cut back during the winter. Daffodils are out in force in the front yard, suggesting spring. And indeed, it is spring in Portland: the forecast is for low- to mid-50s and showers for much of the weekend. I'll probably hit the trainer for a few hours—which is what I did today, somewhere in the cracks between all the aforementioned—and also get in a swim. There might be more movies, too, I suspect.

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