In the Trees

What a sneaky day. Blowing and spitting one minute, bright sunshine another. I was lured out of my plan to do a swim by one of the sunny episodes, and by the time I hit the road it was hurricane time again. Then bright and calm. And so on. Fine by me. I put in a solid hour and 45 minutes, mostly on the trails at Tabor, and now move this run up to the top spot on my Enjoyable Jaunts list. Best part was this one downhill that is super-soft with mulch, so even when it’s soaked it’s not muddy; easy on the joints and not too treacherous. I took this plunge three or four times as I snaked around the old volcano, but the first time was the keeper. Just as I arrived the winds kicked up and were roaring through the Doug firs that line the broad gully the trail follows. I briefly unhooked myself from the Ipod music lifeline to take in the full experience; it was like being at sea. A small, needly branch drifted down right in front of me. Rain splattered through the canopy. All very dramatic. I was thinking I’d run 75 minutes, but this scene fired me up and I stuck around for more. Actually, I probably would have gone well past the two-hour mark had I not been having problems with my left shoe's insole. The thing kept sliding back in my shoe, leaving the metatarsal pad directly in the middle of my arch, instead of butting up against the ball of my foot. I stopped to fix it a few times, but it would just slide right back on the downhills. Damn you to hell, blasted insole! After I finish this post I’m going to glue it in place, teach it a lesson, un-huh.

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