It was supposed to be all about the bike—and I will end up getting in close to 10 hours in the saddle—but running is defining this week. What can I say? I go with the flow. The running was feeling good, so I went 11 on Monday, 10 on Wednesday, 10 on Friday and then 16 today.

Actually, it was 10.1 on Friday and 16.1 today. Let see: 10.1 + 16.1 = yep, that's right, 26.2. I've been thinking about that number a lot recently, with the Boston Marathon set to go off on Monday. Last year's race was a personal thrill and I ran well enough to qualify to return, but Boston and Ironman Coeur d'Alene don't get along very well, timing-wise, so I passed on making the trip to the East Coast. Anyway, I'll enjoy this year's race as a mere webcast spectator. On the men's side, Ryan Hall appears to be prepped and focused, which means his chances of winning are decent—maybe even as good as a half-dozen or so Kenyans. On the women's side, Kara Goucher's New York performance and the intensity of her desire and commitment makes her a threat. But I'll also be tracking #35 among the women, Devon Crosby-Helms. I first heard of Devon when she won the Napa Valley Marathon a few years ago (the same day I qualified for Boston). It's been interesting checking in on her blog from time to time to see what she's up to—ultras, mostly—and I was surprised to find her running in Boston. But like Goucher and Hall, she has a real appreciation for Boston's uniqueness in the world of distance running. Good luck to her and all the racers on their amazing journey from Hopkinton to Boylston Street.

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