Eyeing CDA

This continues to be fun. I was hardly certain it would be. I approached the enterprise with considerable trepidation. Yet here we are, 104 days in, and Ironman Coeur d'Alene is proving to be a journey well worth the effort. With more than two months to go, I'm already getting excited to race that course. One thing that has been vital to maintaining the energy and commitment is the knowledge that it is all right to go easy. I have said this before and I reckon I will say it again; it might be the great insight of triathlon: not every workout need be punishing. Quite the contrary. This is especially true for a big guy like me, as Gordo points out today. His own experience: "At the beginning of my triathlon career, my 'fast' training was holding me back. It was completely counterintuitive to me that I had to slow down to speed up." In a similar vein, Gordo advises that to lose weight, "eat more (good food)." Tricky stuff. Just one more thing to love about triathlon.

Today: 2500 yards in the pool, mainly 3x500 getting a little faster with each one, plus 5x100, etc. Then later, an easy five-mile run. Race for the Roses half mary less than 36 hours away ... giving the legs a break.

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