More with the H2O

Despite being among the gazillion jobless, I found myself short of time this afternoon, and ended up jamming the swim through a narrow window of opportunity. I wanted to go at least 3000 yards and managed 2700. The particulars of the workout in a second, but what was interesting was that I enjoyed this swim. In the water for the fourth day in a row, swimming didn’t seem like a chore. I started to feel at home in the 800-times-denser-than-air splishy-splashy stuff. Yikes.

So I swam 500 nice and easy. Then did 10x100 in <1:45, with a 20-second rest between each 100. Then 5x50 at 1:00, each 50 <:50. Then a cool-down of a couple hundred. Great stuff. I am now totally grasping the benefit of intervals. I used the think you had to be a good swimmer to do them. Now I understand you need to do them to become a good swimmer. More tomorrow (plus, back on the bike).

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