Doing Hard Time

So several weeks ago I made some rash remarks about not minding riding the trainer. I might have even suggested that in some ways, I found the trainer preferable to outside. That was before I got out on a couple of nice days for some good, long riding. Damn those sweet warm springtime rides along the Columbia. Now any trainer ride over 90 minutes is excruciating. Today—a cool, wet day in Portland—I put in three hours on the torture machine. I watched some TV, listened to radio, plugged in the Ipod. Read a bit. Checked voicemail. Still the clock ticked slowly. I got it all in, though, so good for me. Tomorrow, I'm in the pool for 3500 yards and then out for a 10-12 run with some marathon-pace intervals. A pretty big day, but that's OK. As long as I'm not on the trainer.

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