Training Partner

I was accompanied on my 35-mile Computrainer ride this evening by Barney Frank, chairman of the House Financial Service Committee. To a mostly empty chamber, the chairman delivered remarks at length related to Washington's history in dealing with regulation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. A gentleman from New Jersey and another gentleman from Iowa piped up occasionally. The gentleman from New Jersey looked like he might still know how to ride a bike. The Iowan looked like he hadn't completely lost touch with the form he held back in his high school wrestling days 45 years ago. Barney was funny, eloquent and sharp, but I wouldn't have been surprised if a heart attack felled him in mid-diatribe.

Not a bad ride. The only real problem with riding later in the day vs. in the early morning is that the house has warmed up a bit and even with the furnace off, the temp down to 64 degrees and a fan blowing a gale at me, I sweat like a big fat Congressman holding the floor. It doesn't take long for a puddle to form under me and my bike shorts to become soaked through. This can lead to rash issues. And with that, I believe I will adjourn.

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