Performance-Enhancing Jerry

Are the Dead on the list of banned substances? WADA, if it doesn't already, needs to know about these guys.

I don’t listen to the boys very often anymore, but on my three-hour run today, man, a red-hot Franklin’s Tower gave me a jolt. I can see why they don’t allow MP3 players in most competitions. But maybe I could hire someone to trundle alongside me, at a key moment during the CDA run, blasting the Greek 9/11/81 Franklin’s that features crackling, lightning-bolt Jerry riffs alternating with delicious meanderings all powered along at a freaky double-time pace by Phil? (The China-Rider from the following May—a sunny Sunday afternoon back at the Greek—would be a fine mid-race accompaniment.)

So, yeah, a three-hour run. Not in the plan. “Tomorrow, I'm in the pool for 3500 yards and then out for a 10-12 run with some marathon-pace intervals,” I wrote fewer than 24 hours ago. Well, you see, what happened was, I started running, the sun came out, the Tabor trails were soft, the music was sweet (see above) ... so I just kept going. Actually, the other thing that happened was that I realized that I do 10-12 mile runs all the time, and a long run every 10 days to two weeks really ought to be part of the program. Next time I’ll plan better for it. Today, six or seven miles in I remembered that it was nearly May and by then the Portland sun, even with the temps in the low 60s, packs a punch. So about midway through I headed home and grabbed a cap—and a PowerBar, about 8 oz. of water and some body glide for that region where chafing might occur.

I ran the first half at about 10 minutes to the mile, which sounds slow, and is slow, but is not as slow as it sounds. This was a hilly run. In fact, according to my Garmin it featured 6,500 feet of climbing and descending. The second half I consciously picked up the pace to around 9 minutes per mile, which brought me to 20 miles in 3:05. I immediately downed a gel and a Hammer powdered recovery concoction. I felt great. Man, my long run is very solid. Tomorrow, I’ll see how the long swim is faring (so he says).


  1. What album does this version of Franklin's Tower come from?

  2. Al, it is from a very high-quality audience recording I picked up on the Internet:

    The fact that I was at that show of course makes it extra-special but I still submit it was a very very classy Franklin's!

  3. Music makes a huge difference. That's awesome. Thanks for your insight on my blog awhile back, btw (about "Is too much exercise bad for you?"). Was a pretty cool blog debate.