Ten Weeks

Down to 10 weeks until Ironman Coeur D'Alene. Lop off a couple of weeks for tapering, and that leaves eight solid weeks to make a great leap forward. I think I'm ready to do it. The 16 weeks in the books were hardly perfectly executed, but I did do a few things right. Overall, I'm calling myself pleased. Let's not even get into the misses; hits only:

First, I got the Computrainer and that transformed my winter cycling. It's barely mid-April and I am in excellent half-iron distance cycling shape. Yeah, right, it's iron I'm racing on June 21. So I'm halfway there. Work to be done. Bring it on.

Second, I got my run back. My 1:30:19 open half-marathon last week—with no injuries popping up afterward—was so gratifying. Now, as with the bike, it's just about stretching out the endurance.

Third, I'm ahead of last year on my swim, and not just because my swim last year was practically nowhere and I got in the pool a month earlier this time around. I now understand the value of intervals and am full of hope that with smarter training I can knock a few minutes off my IMCDA swim split. That's bonus time for a hack like me, baby.

Another busy day with The Lad and family so I just managed to squeeze in a couple of hours on the trainer. Now comes a big week—probably my biggest week of training ever, if all goes well. Ten, 9, 8, 7....

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