Bike Love

Today was strange. At times my mind drifted back to yesterday's fairly inconsequential but joyous—yep, that's the right word, joyous—trio of workouts and for a moment triathlon was the bestest thing in the whole wide world. Mostly, however, I muddled through the first half of the day toting a vague sense of letdown, which wasn't unloaded until I got The Lad at school. A natural thing, I suppose. The days can't all by transcendent, during these six months to Coeur d'Alene; otherwise they wouldn't be transcendent. Outside: cool and drippy, then downright soaking. I bet if the sun were out I would have hopped on my bike, rode 30 or 40, and been sky high again. Boy have I been surprised how much fun it's been to get out on the Cervelo and ride. You know, I really didn't ride that bike very much last year. I didn't get it until May. Sure I rode it several times before CDA, but not much afterward, when running pretty much gobbled up my athletic life. It takes a while to get to know a bike and though I didn't realize it until now, the Cervelo and I seemed to develop a bit of a connection over the winter, attached to each other and tethered to the Computrainer. So now, when we get out and ride I feel comfortable, confident and actually kind of fast. I wish I could ride every day.

But, as I say, not today. Today, just a swim, a 2500-yard swim highlighted by a 10x50 set on 1:05, working my way down to a :43 50, my best ever, I think. Still slow, but not as!

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