Run, Swim, Bike, Grin

After coffee and the newspaper and NPR, the days starts with an hour of loping around the damp freshly mowed Normandale grass, going for seven easy miles while the clouds and sun duke it out overhead. Then straight to the pool for 10x100 on 2:05, working my way gradually down from 1:50 to 1:40 through the set, followed by a lazy 1000 in 20 minutes just to relax and swim. Arrive home. Noon. Air is cool but not at all cold, sun is out, some puffy unthreatening clouds are scattered around. That forecasted rain? Not here, not yet. In May, in Portland, this is an opportunity only a fool or a fraud passes up. Within 10 minutes I’m on the bike for 33 miles in 1:45, averaging solidly over 20 mph when I’m not stopped at lights or otherwise dealing with traffic. I push it a little on this ride, but gently. You know what I mean? Not hammering, but definitely not slacking. I’m wearing a short-sleeve technical shirt with my electric lime vest over it. I didn’t bring anything to eat but I’m feeding off the fresh spring air, the brilliance of this slice of the day. It occurs to me that one of the side benefits of doing periodic really long workouts is this: Everything else becomes short and sweet.

A few hours later now and the clouds have thickened, it's dark and gloomy, rain is spitting. I’m gonna grab a beer and watch a movie.

The week that was (and what a week it was)....

Monday: 1 hour swim (3000 yds); 1 hour run (8 miles)
Tuesday: 3 hour bike (53 miles)
Wednesday: 3 hour trail run (20 miles)
Thursday: 1:25 swim (4000 yds)
Friday: 5:45 bike (100 miles)
Saturday: walk
Sunday: 1 hour run (7 miles); 0:40 swim (2000 yards); 1:45 bike (33 miles)

Run: 5 hours, 35 miles
Bike: 10.5 hours, 186 miles
Swim: 3 hours, 9000 yards
Total: 18.5 hours

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