Fitting It In

I was running around like crazy today, squeezing workouts into the gaps that were always narrower than they had appeared to be the night before when the plan was laid out. The bike ride happened in two parts, an hour on the trainer at oh-dark, before The Lad woke up and I got him breakfast and to school, and an hour on the trainer after I got back from dropping him off. The swim came after that (and a couple more hours spent trying to rustle up some work). It was a good swim: 500 yard warmup; 5x100 <1:45 with :30 rest; 500 yards hard; 5x100 <1:45 with :25 rest; 500 hard. That’s 2500 total. Then it was off in a rush to a Claimant Orientation Seminar at the the employment office. Then a little last minute shopping. Now I’m packing crazily for my drive down to NorCal tomorrow. I’m planning a little run excursion along the way, in Siskiyou County. The story, tomorrow.

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