On my run today I wondered if perhaps I had been drugged the night before by evil-doers, then shoved in a clothes dryer set on Tumble Until Morning. All the soreness from Tuesday's run/climb in the Siskiyous and the fall that came along with that little outing reached a peak. Plus, I was pretty well wiped out from two straight nights of only five hours' sleep and then there was that 6000 feet of climbing on Wednesday that did a job on my quads. Everything hurt. But I ran anyway today, on the greenway (pictured above) that runs near and under the BART tracks through Berkeley, Albany, El Cerrito and beyond. Went about seven miles, a little over an hour. It was horrible, but here's the amazing and beautiful thing: 11 hours later I feel much, much better. My legs are recovering and my battered chest and ribs don't hurt nearly as much when I breathe deeply or sneeze.

Tomorrow I swim. Gotta go—left the computer power cord at Dan & Kate's—doh!—and the batteries are running low!

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