Weekend Outlook

I imagine most CDA-bound athletes will be revving it up big-time this weekend. Four weeks to go, squeezing in devastating workouts left and right. Not me. The Lad and I will stroll to the Farmers' Market tomorrow for our dinner makings. We might go for a little bike ride, but the day's chief activity is more likely to be yard work. Sunday, we'll probably hit the pool for a couple thousand yards, and head out to Columbia Drive, where he'll ride eight as I lope alongside him. But no long runs, rides or swims for me. In fact, I'm sure I'll spend more time around the grill than I will on the bike or in my running shoes. That all comes next week, when The Lad goes over to his mom's. The forecast is looking perfect, sunny and mild. So in the course of the week I'll do a 20-mile run, a 100-mile bike ride and a 4000-meter swim. And really, that will be it for the long stuff. Hard to believe.

Today: 2,500 in the pool. Sloppy at first with a 500-yard warm-up, then gradually sharper on a 15x100 set. Then 500 more to cool down. I will need to swim more consistently over the final weeks into CDA. I'm a much better swimmer if I'm in the water four times a week. And the beauty of it is, lots of swimming is OK during the taper, since it's not as though I'm swimming Phelpsian workout distances.

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