Familiar Waters

Swimming at Healthquest in Napa for the first time in a couple of years, that was pretty trippy. Not time to go into too many details, however—battery is down to 42 minutes!—but I will say this: That was some horrid-looking swimming. The rib/chest injury did not like swimming. I was kind of a one-armed swimmer today, all awkward and out of balance as I struggled to get any pull on the right side. Slow and ugly, but at least I went pretty far, doing 16x200, and I got it done before work. That is, if you want to call hanging out at a winery while one of Napa's top winemakers and one of Australia's best vintners taste and talk about the 2007 vintage work. Forecast for 90 today in Napa, 98 tomorrow when the boys and I have a little bike riding planned. Yikes.

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