The Unsustainable Me

I got up early for an hour on the bike, and The Lad and I walked to the Farmers' Market. That was it, that was everything I did, four weeks and a day before Coeur d'Alene. I guess that means I'm going to suck on June 21. Then again, if Mark Sisson has it is right, more days like this is exactly what I need to live a long, healthy life. In all seriousness, that's something I'm thinking about a lot now, in the wake of Steve Larsen's shocking passing: Is endurance training sustainable?


  1. Who knows about Sisson? Does anyone really know (yet) what happened with Steve Larson? The thing to do is -- and you know you're taking it from someone who has let his fitness lapse -- listen to what your body is telling you about the hard efforts. From what I've heard you say, you're trying to do that. For now, keep your head clear for CdA and let all this great training you've done work for you. Then, for sure, give yourself a little mental and physical break and take stock. Of course, maybe that's what the whole exercise is about from beginning to end -- trying to take stock of where we are in our various journeys.

    Berkeley out.

  2. One thing that really made me think, Dan, was our brief discussion while out on the Napa ride about going long without fueling adaquately. I always thought that since I was surviving those workouts -- literally making it to the end -- that everything was OK. But now that behavior strikes me as possibly unwise and even downright stupid. On my long efforts this week I am going to incorporate more nutrition. Not tons -- I don't want to change everything so suddenly -- but good and steady feeding the fire. Just as I will do on race day.

    Thanks for your counsel.

  3. Just take everything I say with a grain of salt. That way at least you have the salt.