Peroneus Problems

Today's little hour-long run convinced me that I'm suffering from some sort of peroneal tendon strain. This is what I was feeling on my 20-miler on Monday. I assumed then it was my often troublesome left Achilles. Thinking about it more later, however, and taking into consideration the key fact that the pain was on the outside of the ankle, not in the Achilles itself, I realized I needed to do more research. It's pretty clear the peroneal is the culprit here, the peroneus longus, to be precise, and the fact that I can walk without pain strongly suggests I haven't incurred a bad tear.

It's a strange injury. The pain is generally of a dull sort, not at all debilitating, but every once in a while during a run a sharp, electric current of pain will erupt. Then go away. This injury doesn't leave me hobbling out of bed in the morning the way the Achilles did, and I can run on it reasonably well. And, as I say, walking is no problem. But I'm going to play things conservatively three weeks out from CDA. I'm going to focus on cycling and swimming and take several days off from running. And I'm going to ice the hell out of that ankle, and do some rehab exercises.

Also today: 2000 yards in the pool. Man, I was pretty sluggish after yesterday's ride (and the run this morning). But the beauty of swimming is after a few hundred yards you loosen up and it actually feels kind of therapeutic.

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