Wind Buster

Went for 40 on the bike, averaging 18.4, but the key to the workout was the 12 miles heading west along the Columbia, into a steady 10 mph wind. I never let up, averaging around 20 mph, and it felt good. I've found I rather enjoy taking on the wind in an aero position. The experience is so dramatically different than riding a road bike into the wind; you put your head down, keep spinning 'em fast, and you impress yourself by going 20.6 miles per hour.

That was the morning.

In the afternoon, I headed to the pool. Yeah, I headed to the pool—then turned back because I realized I'd forgotten my goggles. Argh. Finally in the water, I rolled right into 10x200 on the 4:30. In the heart of the workout I was touching the wall around 3:30-3:35. After completing the set I took a breather, then swam an easy 600 because there wasn't any reason not to. (More yards = better? One hopes. )

Hey, tomorrow temps are supposed to climb into the 80s. That's great, actually; I'm hoping to get an early start on a long ride. Then on Friday, we warm up even more, which should make it a perfect day for my first open-water swim, a morning paddle out at Klineline.

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