Rain and Sun, 10 in 90

A purpose for every workout—that's something that took awhile to digest, but I get it now. I especially get how important it is with running. I used to go hard to very hard nearly every time out. This kind of training will improve your fitness, but it increases the risk of injury. Plus, it won't improve your fitness as much or as quickly as a thoughtful mix of track repeats, tempo runs and long runs—and doing a lot of miles that don't hurt. That's what today's run was, a run that didn't hurt. Ten miles in around 90 minutes, that's my the one that puts miles in the bank and allows me to come back the next day with no soreness and ready to take on the most sinister of intervals on the bike, in the pool or even on the road. Typical Portland May day: cloudy and rainy as I get some work done in the home office. Suddenly, there's sun shining in the window. I get ready to go and like a curtain being drawn, it grows dark. Rain comes. What the hell, I'm out the door in it. Ten minutes later, the sun is out, and it stays out for the rest of the run. I'm a little overdressed for sunshine, but at least the alleged raingear I'm wearing is a vest, not long-sleeved. It's fine. It's beautiful.

Later, I hit the pool. My 10x100 set is a little different than usual. I give myself more rest, going on the 2:30, but also try to go faster. I start at 1:45 and work my way down to 1:35. Then I do 10x50 on the 1:15, bringing each one in around :45-:47. My heart is really pounding late in that set. I swim a couple of easy 250s, concentrating on my form, to round out the 2000-yard workout.

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