How to Maintain a Fitness Routine

Set aside the fact that we're now six weeks (and a few days) to Coeur d'Alene. The essential truth is I'm just a guy who has stayed commited to a fitness routine for a long time, and today serves as a good example of how it is I've done so.

Friday is a short day at school, so I had just a two and a half-hour window to get in a workout. I ran and swam yesterday and knew the weather would be good today, so the plan was to squeeze in a two-hour bike ride. When I arrived home from dropping off The Lad, however, I made the mistake of checking email. Sure I'm unemployed, but I've got this consulting thing cooking and before you know it that quick email check had eaten up an hour. This was profoundly depressing. "Now I barely have time to ride an hour!" I thought. This was the key moment. The two-hour ride was gone; a one-hour ride? Major disappointment. Major, major disappointment. In my experience, this is when many people say, "Aw, screw it," and they bag the ride and end up with a no-workout day. Maybe they'll get back at it the next day, but maybe they won't. And if they don't, then it will be two days in a row missed. You see where this is going?

I rode my hour. I pounded that sucker. Twenty point seven-four miles in an hour. It might or might not have advanced my fitness, but for sure it kept my no-workout days streak right where I like it to be: at zero.

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